Connexion Lan Audiere is an independent, non-profit organization based in Quebec, Canada providing Internet services to the region of Lanaudière.

Our charitable mission is to mobilize internet utilization in creating suitable supplementary services for businesses, organizations and other bodies and make sure they outreach those in need.

The principal values that are embedded in the culture of this organization are:

  • Innovation: Continuous improvement is the direction of this group through advanced technologies. It wishes to move as a research-inclined organization where solutions are driven by customer needs.
  • Excellence: Delivery of quality products to customers as a social service is a priority of this organization.
  • Synergy: This organization moves to nourish the relationships among the stakeholders (the organization, customers and the community) by promoting a good working environment and rapport for everybody.
  • Resilience: Change is inevitable, so the company moves to invest in good business and market strategies to meet stakeholder needs under different factors.