Best Internet Set-up for Gamers

A Guide for the Best Internet Set-up for Gamers

As a gamer, the last thing that you want to happen is to experience lagging ending up interrupting your momentum. The worse that can happen is the moment you are able to enter back, your game is done, and far over and your teammates blame you for your slow response. You, on the other hand, blame nothing else but your slow internet.

This article will be a great way to begin understanding your gaming needs and serve as a guide for you to avoid undesirable situations. Detailed below are the services that are deemed compatible for you.

Specify your nature of gaming need

There are three classifications that any gamer can opt to explore: online gameplays, online streaming and connections, and file downloads related to games. Each type requires different internet bandwidth, speed, upload, and download capacities to begin with.

Know Internet Requirements for Gaming

A rule of thumb for gamers is 1 Gbps download to experience an unintended interruption in your gaming. However, there are also instances where lower data can catch up with your gaming need. Other factors can also affect as well including the number of people connecting to the same service provider, capacity needs of the game, among others.

The requirements for gamers as a guide include a 50 – 100 GB minimum data range to guarantee smooth runs and transitions. Furthermore, 1 – 2 Mbps is needed for the speed, and 75 – 100 ms is quoted for maximum ping for gamers. Latency and ping can go hand in hand, moreover. Having a slow connection is okay as long as there is low latency to compensate for it.

Know Internet Requirements for Streaming

On the other hand, game streaming and communication do not need as much as ping and bandwidth compared to gameplay. This can be compared to going through streaming sites such as Youtube, Netflix, and other video streaming platforms.

Take, for example, Twitch, a broadcasting software. To optimize it, you can adjust the streaming quality to avoid interruptions. In the process of optimizing your gaming experience, you can also check your upload and download speeds and countercheck it with the specific video you are about to stream.

 Know Internet Requirements for Downloading

Games, nowadays, consume up to 50 GB or more of your hard disks to be able to activate. If you would compare that to streaming and online gaming, that’s the way a lot of bandwidth consumption than those activities combined. In this case, you have to consider your PC capacity (some PCs lag up when their disks are almost full), your download capacity, and your data plan.

Measure your internet parameters

The specifications relayed by internet providers do not always converge with the actual usage. For your own convenience, you can always measure your internet speed, upload, or download capacities in your own laptops, desktops, or mobile phones.

There are various platforms that can help you gauge your internet parameters, such as Glasswire. This software is beneficial in estimating your internet needs for PC games, complex set-ups such as PS3, and many router-complemented devices.

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