Market Cannabis in Canada

Ways to Market Cannabis in Canada

Marketing CBD oil in Canada and other CBD products is complicated. Canadian CBD oil is very good at for some problems related to the body. But most standard marketing methods are not allowed. That is why you must be familiar with the marketing laws related to cannabis. Continue reading to know and understand the ways to market cannabis in Canada.

Knowing Your Limits

The limitations on marketing cannabis in Canada are complicated and broad. Therefore, many of these depend on different interpretations. Precedents are needed so that it will be much clearer on what is allowed and what is not in marketing cannabis products.

However, the government has not been clear about this. They refuse to comment on particular instances. They simply encourage people to be familiar with the laws by hiring a lawyer. One thing clear is that making mass advertisements such as billboard ads and tv commercials are not allowed.

There are many things to keep in mind in advertising cannabis in Canada. However, using testimonials and feedback from customers for promotion are also great ways to boost your brand.

Beating the Stigma

When you are creating a brand for your cannabis products, you need to beat the stigma in creating the logo, advertisements, and many other things. You should not be tempted to use standard and ordinary marketing efforts. These will not be of advantage to you or your brand.

Consulting an Expert

Although many digital marketing experts can help you, it does not mean that they are very familiar with the legalities of marketing cannabis. If you have uncertainties about doing cannabis marketing, it is best to consult a lawyer.

As mentioned, the Cannabis Act is unclear, so precedents needed to be set for it to be fully understood.

Skipping Facebook

Facebook is known for not favouring cannabis. The advertising policies of this social media platform mention that advertisements should not promote or include illegal services, activities, or products. Moreover, the ads should not have images depicting anything related to drug use.

Using Platforms that Support Cannabis

Even though Facebook is not the best platform to market cannabis, it is surprising that there are platforms that connect cannabis brands to websites or platforms that support it. You can also be connected to networks focusing on the use of cannabis.

One of these is WeedLife. It is a social network that is made for cannabis fans. You can also use it to log in to your other social media accounts such as Twitter, Linked In, and Facebook. Platforms like this help you make marketing cannabis easier if you are sick and tired of the regulations imposed by other big advertisement platforms such as Google.

It is recommended that you check out other cannabis-friendly platforms to start your cannabis marketing efforts.


It can be challenging to market cannabis, but there are many effective ways to do it. You can try the methods mentioned to see what works best for your product. Some of the options you can try are focusing on your online presence and creating good content among many others.

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