Gauging Online Success

In as much as we want to invest in creating plans and strategies, it should be noted that evaluating its success is equally important. There are numerous tools available to help measure success and some of the more popular are detailed below:


BuzzSumo is a website that provides information on the data traffic and the monitoring of the topics and interactions on the web today. It employs different strategies to present data like infographics and great visualizations to convey the information across.


Ahrefs is a platform that has a unique attribute of analyzing competitor performance as well as the trending keywords creating traffic on the web. Keyword searches lead to data on volumes, trends and other associated words with them.

GT Metrix

GT Metrix, other than analyzing the web traffic, also evaluates sites on their respective status, single page at a time, and helps identify areas of improvement. An example of data acquired from this is web speed.

As an output, it gives a total grade and hands notes on areas to enhance your website.

Search Engine Journal

The Search Engine Journal is a platform that analyzes digital marketing in the news industry. Included in its services is to deliver suggestions and tutorials on where you’d wish to go and find out based on your preference.

Answer The Public

Answer The Public is another tool that assesses keyword and FAQ searches, this time, specifically for Google and Bing. Its services supplement readers with different keywords and other associated responses.

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