SEO Marketing in Small Businesses

Importance of SEO Marketing in Small Businesses

Venturing into a small business has its pros and cons. According to, It is both an opportunity and a challenge to encounter. Either way, you need to exert your passion to compete with other businesses. When it comes to marketing, small businesses have disadvantages against large companies.

This is generally true in digital marketing, where big ones have the upper hand. In terms of resources and budgets, small businesses have a lower capability. In addition, their brand names are not as huge as other popular brands in various industries.

Through organic traffic, small businesses can cope with the huge companies. This is a path that they can navigate to raise their competency. To do this, small businesses must first have a clear understanding and knowledge about SEO marketing.

However, this area is what most small-scale companies find to be quite difficult to do. So, understanding its concept would be advantageous on their part.

What is SEO Marketing?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This has been a very helpful tool for large businesses to carry out their marketing strategies throughout the digital world. Marketers use this platform so that the web pages that they have created for marketing purposes can be seen in the search engines of different browsers such as Google and Bing.

In this way, people can see the companies’ pages through search engines. The stronger your SEO can be more prevalent in the SERPs or search engine results pages.

Effect of Having High Website Ranking

For small businesses to gain successful marketing through SEO, they should have a high website ranking. This means that the web pages should appear on the first page of the search engine results pages. This is because internet users almost always will look only at the first page of the result. They tend to disregard the following pages. So, being in the first rank gives a higher chance because people will visit the page more often.

How to Improve SEO Marketing for Small Businesses?

Here are some tips on how small businesses can improve their SEO marketing strategies:

  • Choose the right keywords

Before, the use of many keywords in the content of the page is the technique of marketers to gain more attention. This can raise the ranking of the page because of the abundant keywords.

However, it is not applicable today as Google limited its use. Only about 2 to 5% density of the keyword can be applied to the content. That is why choosing the right keyword for the page is necessary. You must pick only what is needed and what users might look for.

  • Use Google My Business Profile

Information is important to users. It makes them easier to find answers about the business. My Business profile is a great way to inform people of your business. With only a few steps, you can provide important details such as the business’s name, address, and contact information.

  • Customer Reviews

Having positive feedback from your customers through reviews can greatly influence the success of your business. Good impressions attract more people and also the performance in SEO. Reviews are part of how Google ranks the web page.

Final Words

There is a gap between the marketing of small and big businesses due to some factors. However, small businesses can close this through understanding SEO marketing. It would be an opportunity for them to widen their scope without spending too much money.

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